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"... in times of social and economic tension the boundaries between different cultural groups became better defined and more closely guarded. A modern parallel would be the national boundaries of Europe in, say, 1935 compared with today. <...> In archaeological terms, Hodder reasoned that cultures with clearly defined edges - for example where one style of pottery stops abruptly, and another starts with equal abruptness - were possibly co-existing in a state of tension. In times of peace, people would be less worried about maintaining their own identities at the expense of much else. ..."

Ian Hodder, "Symbols in Action: Ethnoarchaeological Studies of Material Culture", Cambridge, 1982.

Date: 2017-06-14 06:58 am (UTC)
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А не наоборот - чёткая дефинция границ неизбежно вызывает напряжение? Это не про хорошо - плохо, это про то как инициируются немирные времена.

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